Legal outsourcing

If you do not have the knowledge, or do not have enough time to take care of your legal affairs yourself and you do not wish to employ or expand your own legal team, outsourcing your legal affairs to us may be the solution.  We provide you with your own outsourced or extended legal team, without the disadvantages of a permanent or temporary employment. As we have all earned our stripes in acting as in- and outside legal counsel for many tech companies, we can provide you – in a flexible manner – with the best of what we have seen and experienced.  Although you will always have your own dedicated legal counsel, engaging us as your outsourced or extended legal team means access to our entire team. In other words, choosing us as your legal team means access to our joint knowledge and experience and continuity of service.

Our legal outsourcing service is provided in the manner that suits you best. If possible at a monthly fixed fee. And if a fixed fee would not be appropriate, we provide subscription and/or discount based arrangements, so that your legal costs can be controlled.

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