Deal support

Making a good deal is not always easy. So many things to take into account: how must the deal be structured, what do we wish to achieve, what do we wish to avoid, are we overlooking anything, what are the risks of this deal and how can we ensure that they are in balance with the potential revenues? And all this in the context of an multicultural international market characterized by more and more foreign and international laws and regulations to comply with.

Setting up multidisciplinary deal-teams helps you avoid the major pitfalls of international deal making. We have been supporting business development, sales and procurement deal-teams for many years and have developed a way of working that focuses on helping you define and negotiate the right deal structure and documentation, while identifying the main risks of the deal and providing contractual (and non-contractual) guidance for managing these risks. Our primary goal is to help you make the deal, not to frustrate it. Therefore, our approach is always practical and hands-on. If it can be simple, we will do it simple. And that results in to the point, transparent and concise agreements that focus on the essentials of the deal.

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