Brainport region

    Brainport Eindhoven is a world-class top technology region. High tech and design are combined with an advanced high-end manufacturing industry and entrepreneurship. Close collaboration and sharing knowledge are part of our DNA and characterize the open innovation culture which makes Brainport smart and strong. By quickly anticipating to rapid world-wide changes and continuously connecting to new people, Brainports creates new opportunities. For everyone. This attracts talent and enterprises from all over the world. Entrepreneurs, knowledge institutions and governments form a unique business climate in which we compete by collaboration, expand by adaptation, multiply by sharing, achieve by trying and predict the future by inventing it. In that way, partners in Brainport Eindhoven work together in finding solutions for societal challenges for health, mobility, energy, food and safety. As the high tech growth accelerator of the Dutch economy and part of the technological backbone of Europe, Brainport Eindhoven is a global front runner in innovation.

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