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To the point, transparent and concise agreements that balance your risks and your revenues.


We help you to protect your IP and avoid the legal pitfalls of your digital transformation.

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Data & Digital

Services and solutions that help you in your process of digital transformation.

High Tech

Tailor-made services and solutions for companies in the high tech industry, such as semicon, robotics, solar, medical, metrology and analytics.


Legal outsourcing

Your own outsourced or extended legal team, flexible and without the disadvantages of permanent or temporary employment.

Deal support

Legal support for your deal-teams, so that your deals have the right structure and your revenues outweigh your risks.

DPO as a service

Meet your privacy obligations by hiring us as your data protection officer.

Start-up assistant

Get a head start with our standard contracts that are made to fit your business and our subscription based access to our brains and toolboxes.

Interim services

Temporary legal support in case your own legal team is unavailable or lacks capacity.

Legal training

Create legal awareness within your organisation through our practical training courses.

We are Magnus & Weiss, international high tech lawyers

Your outsourced legal team with a focus on contracts, IP/IT, data protection & compliance. With many years of experience in both law and international tech business, we combine state of the art legal skills with a good sense of business. That helps us to provide you with legal support in a swift and practical way. No elaborate ‘hard-to-read’ documents, but clear contracts that focus on balancing your risks and your revenues. No lengthy memo’s with legal language all over the place, but concise advice that comes to the point quickly.

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