As a tech company, you are aware of the importance of properly developing, protecting, exploiting and maintaining your intellectual property and know-how (IP). Without a good IP strategy, success can be short-lived. Investors also realize this and base their business decisions increasingly more often on the advice of their intellectual property advisor.

Also, you know are aware of the importance of digital transformation as a major driver of your success. Developments in digitization, especially in AI, data science and robotics, provide for business opportunities the world has never seen before and, at the same time, pose a major threat for those companies who believe that their business will not be susceptible for these developments.

Over the years, we have built a vast knowledge in IP and digital transformation. We can help you define and execute your strategy to create, acquire, protect, develop, exploit and maintain your IP.  We know our way in the jungle of legislation governing all aspects of digital transformation and can help you draft and negotiate contracts with your business partners in this area. 

Examples of support we can provide:

  • Helping you define your IP strategy;
  • Drafting and negotiating IP contracts and IP clauses, such as IP ownership, IP license and IP indemnification agreements and clauses;
  • Assisting you in enforcing your IP rights in the event of infringement on your rights by third parties;
  • Helping you determine whether your AI, data or robotics application meets applicable law;
  • Drafting and negotiating IT agreements, such as IT outsourcing agreements, software license agreements, cloud services agreements and platform agreements; and
  • Helping you ensure that your processing of personal data meets applicable privacy laws.

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