I am a partner and co-founder of Magnus & Weiss. During the last 11 years, I have been a legal partner for companies that work in innovation, high tech and digitization, developing their legal structures, drafting and reviewing contracts and other legal documents and acting as their legal representative in negotiations and if necessary, in court. I am also an outside legal counsel of an international consumer electronics company and have worked, on interim basis, as part of the legal department of various universities. As a graduate of the Grotius post-doctoral specialization education Privacy, I provide  legal training on data and privacy and compliance. The European data strategy requires compliance protocols and my work entails to create awareness on how companies should organize their infrastructure to abide that strategy. I am a partner to the Yellow Cubes network (www.ycnetwerk.nl), a network for digital experts and a member of both the Dutch Association for Privacy Law (www.verenigingprivacyrecht.nl) and LES Benelux, a society for professionals and business people interested in licensing, the transfer of technology, and the commercialization of intellectual property rights (www.les-benelux.org).