I am a co-founder and partner of Magnus & Weiss. The combination of law, technology and business has been my passion since I passed the bar, in 1992. Over the years, I have helped many high tech companies develop and grow their businesses by managing their legal risks, protecting their assets and supporting their deal-making, both as an in-house and an outside legal counsel. My style is no-nonsense, concise, practical and always focused on the balance between risks and revenues. My clients describe me as a bridge-builder with an eye for people, interests and context, and able to get to the heart of the matter quickly. I am a member and former board member of VIRA, a specialist association recognized by the Netherlands Bar Association for lawyers with proven knowledge and experience in the field of computer law (www.vira.nl) as well as a member of LES Benelux, a society for professionals and business people interested in licensing, the transfer of technology, and the commercialization of intellectual property rights (www.les-benelux.org).